Turn to Us for Seasonal Pool Maintenance

Turn to Us for Seasonal Pool Maintenance

Close your pool during winter so it's ready when summer comes

Outdoor Endeavors LLC handles pool closures in the fall and openings in the spring. Without the proper care, your pool can seriously deteriorate during winter. We'll cover it up to keep debris out and make sure the water lines aren't going to freeze. Winter closing involves covering your pool to keep debris out and use plugs to stop the water lines from filling up and freezing.

Call 319-241-0600 today to ask about closing your pool in the fall.

Welcome warmer weather by opening up your pool

As soon as the bees start buzzing and the flowers start blooming, you know it's just about that time of year. Get ready for summer by requesting our spring opening services.

When we come to check out your pool in the springtime, we'll look to make sure there aren't any leaks or breaks that occurred during the winter. We'll also make sure all the equipment works and remove any debris. Once everything is set up, you can start planning the first pool party of the year.

Contact us now to speak with a specialist about opening your pool for the summer.