CHEAT SHEET: Pool Chemical Products

pH: The ability of your products to work effectively.

  • Desired Range: 7.2 – 7.8  
  • Adverse Effects if Out of Range: Chlorine doesn’t work as well, causes metal stains on   in ground pools, irritation of eyes, can cause minor water discoloration.  
  • How to Add to Pool: Broadcast to deep end of pool. Do not add w/in 12hrs of an alkalinity adjustment or shock treatment.

Alkalinity: The buffer for your pH.  

  • Desired Range: 80 – 120ppm
  • Adverse Effects if Out of Range: Allows pH levels to easily fluctuate, causes metal stains on in ground pools, can cause minor water discoloration.  
  • How to Add to Pool: Broadcast to deep end, but never more than 5lbs a time, allowing 30mins between each dosage. Do not add w/in 12hrs of a pH adjustment or shock treatment.


Chlorine: The preferred sanitizer of above ground and in ground pools.  

  • Desired Range: 1.0 – 4.0ppm
  • Adverse Effects if Too Low: Water turns cloudy or green, chlorine smell, rash on skin.
  • Adverse Effects if Too High: Bleaching of liner, bleaching of bathing suits, skin irritiation.
  • Types of Chlorine

                  Tablets: 1” or 3” tablets dispensed in floaters or in an in-line chlorine feeder

                   Salt: Added to water in conjunction with a Salt System.

Shock: A highly concentrated dose of chlorine for weekly maintenance. Also is used to clean up cloudy/green water. Depending on the severity of cloudiness/green tint, use approx.. 3x – 5x the normal amount.  

  • Types of Shock

                    Liquid: Once case (4 – 1 Gallon Bottles). Added in front of the return jets,

                                   typically in the deep end, one gallon treats 10,000 gallons.

                     Granular: 1 – 2lbs treats 10,000 gallons.

  • Pre-dissolve in bucket of water prior to adding to pool.


Chlorine Stabilizer: Increases the life of the chlorine by 3 -4x.

  • Desired Range: 30 ppm

                     Chlorine Tablet Pool: ONLY add 1lb per 4,000 gallons.  

  • Adverse Effects if Too Low: Chlorine levels will dissipate faster than usual.
  • Adverse Effects if Too High: Chlorine level will “lock” at or above 10ppm.  
  • How to Add to Pool: SLOWLY to skimmer (no more than 1lb/minute) and do not backwash for at least 48hrs afterwards.


Algaecide: Specifically formulated to target and kill various forms of algae.

  • How to Add to Pool: See bottle for directions.

                 Can be added in conjunction with lower dosages of shock.

                 For higher shock dosages, wait at least 24 hours.


Metal Removers: Designed to chemically lift and prevent metal deposits on pool surfaces.  

  • Types of Metal Removers

                  Stain & Scale: Sequestering agent designed to prevent metals (copper & iron)

                           from depositing on surfaces and removing them via filtration/backwashing.

                  Stain-X: Sequestering agent for pools who have continuous metal deposits. Will

                            also gradually remove metal deposits.

  • How to Add To Pool: Have BOTH pH and alkalinity balanced and chlorine >2.0ppm


Revive: Powerful flocculent. Drops phosphates, metals and debris to pool floor.

  • How to Add to Pool: Turn off pool pump. Attach bottle to garden hose and spray entire contents across pool surface until the bottle is empty. Leave pump off for 24-48hrs. Vacuum debris in sections to limit clouding of water.