Pool Cleaner Comparison

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What You Should Know about Automatic Pool Cleaners?

If you have a pool, you already know how hard it is making it look very clean. It’s a hard work which requires a lot of time. Therefore, every pool owner should have an advanced device that can help him maintain the pool water clean and sparkling. Nowadays, there are a lot of solutions to solve that problem. As such, you have the possibility to hire a company or a person that can keep your pool clean, or you just can buy a robotic cleaner which can help you keep a clean pool on your own.

There may be various models of cleaners available on the market, such as pressure and suction pool cleaner, but when it comes to automatic cleaners, things will change. Wondering why? They are becoming some of the most efficient appliances on the market, due to their advanced technology and innovative features. Actually, most people are buying these products because they are some self-contained machines that work on their own. Depending on their features, they are able to scrub the floor, walls, steps and waterline removing the debris, leaves and even the smallest particles from the water. Each model can provide a lot of benefits, but if you want to choose the most suitable robot for your needs, it’s advisable to do some research and take into considerations several things, including price, warranty, technology and features. Moreover, you need to know that these types of cleaners are very easy to use and maintain. You just have to plug the cleaner into an outlet and turn it on. Plus, they don’t need extra boost pumps or hose extensions. Additionally, it’s important to know that most of them have a built-in technology that will help the cleaner to identify the type and size of the pool for best cleaning.

Why Buy a Pool Cleaner?

Any investment in a device or machinery that will help you improve or ease your life requires a thorough research and an analysis of your needs and expectations. More often than not, you need to have a closer look at all the signs that indicate you would benefit from the efficiency of a robotic cleaner for your pool.

  • If you are constantly struggling with water debris, you need to buy a pool cleaner

  • Many debris and dirt can get in the pool water, starting with dust and the leaves and twigs that the wind constantly gets into the water. Skimming is not a very appealing chore if you need to perform it every day and is not the most efficient cleaning method either. If the water often gets dirty and musty, you need to resort to the help of a pool cleaner that can do the cleaning on its own.
  • Water safety is essential when you have a home swimming pool

  • If you have a pool at home, you must know that maintaining the water clean is not an option, but mandatory. Many diseases can be caused by bacteria and algae in the water so having a more environmentally-friendly way to keep the water clean mans you will be more protected against waterborne illnesses. The automatic pool cleaner limits the use of pool cleaning chemicals and makes the water more appropriate for your body.
  • Using such a device can prolong the lifespan of the filtering system

  • Your pool’s water filtration system does all the hard work in keeping the water clean and this means excessive operating costs, not to mention the damage of wear of the system. Having to constantly filter the water keeps the pumps running around the clock, thus, increasing your electricity cost. Also, if the pump is forced to handle large debris, it can get clogged and it will wear out faster. Therefore, if you want to protect the filtering system of your swimming pool, the robotic cleaner is what you need.

What are the Advantages of Using a Pool Robot?

The robot cleaners for pools are typically used to remove the debris and dust from your swimming pool while providing a clean and clear water. As such, if you are tired of spending your weekends vacuuming and cleaning out the pool by hand or your budget doesn’t allow you to spend a fortune on a professional cleaning team, then this type of product which can provide plenty of advantages is the best option for you.

  • Less is more

  • Have you ever heard the expression “less is more”? If so, you should know that it is strongly related to the work that an automatic cleaner can do. In fact, most people are using this item to get rid of those extra hours they were supposed to work every weekend. By using such a tool your worries are ended because it is able to do a great job without your involvement in little time.
  • Save money

  • If you have a luxurious swimming pool, it doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune on the maintenance side. We all know that it can be very costly, and sometimes its maintenance costs end up being larger than what the pool is actually worth. Moreover, everybody knows how much water can be wasted on its maintenance. To prevent this from happening, you can confidently use a robotic cleaner which can be programmed to use less water than you will normally do. Less water wasted also means more money in your pocket.
  • Cleaner water with fewer chemicals

  • Most of the times, you have to add chlorine and algaecide to the water to keep it clean and clear for a swim but this is not a safe option if you consider the harsh effects of chemicals on your skin. By using an automatic pool cleaner, you will limit the use of hazardous chemicals, thus protecting the environment and your body.
  • Support for disabled people

  • Have you ever wondered how can people with disabilities clean the swimming area? Actually, it’s very hard to accomplish this action and get the desired results. That’s why most disable people who own a swimming area are using this type of automatic device because it is very easy to maneuver. In fact, depending on its features, it will start working alone without any help. Therefore, the wisest decision you can make, regarding this unpleasant activity, especially if you are a person with disabilities, is to buy this type of appliance which can provide a lot of benefits, maintaining your swimming area swimming area.

Things to Consider before Buying a Pool Robot

If you never thought about switching to an automatic device for cleaning the pool, you should have a second thought and you must know that this is a smart device which can provide a lot of benefits and can make your life easier and more enjoyable. However, to get the desired results from it, there are some things you absolutely need to know about it.

  • Warranty

  • Like many other appliances, these products are not very cheap. Actually, the greatest models are quite expensive and their maintenance can also cost a lot. As such, one of the most important things you need to consider when purchasing is the manufacturer’s warranty. Nowadays, this warranty is very important, because some replacement parts can cost as much as a new product. This means that a good warranty will help you save a lot of money. Some models come with a 2-year warranty, while others will provide an only 1-year warranty. However, it’s necessary to buy a device which is covered by at least one year warranty. If the device is purchased online, the there might not even be a warranty. Also, if it is purchased online, can you get the device sercived locally?
  • Budget

  • Before buying such a tool you need to take into account your budget and the product price. Some appliances are very expensive, while others are more affordable. Actually, you may find some quality robotic pool cleaners which turn out to be a great value for money. However, a tight budget can become a big problem, especially when it comes to smart pool cleaners that are using an advanced technology. Therefore, if you are thinking about buying an appliance which can help you maintain the pool clean, it’s recommended to have a look at various models and choose an appliance suitable for your budget.
  • Easy of use

  • If you are looking to purchase a pool cleaner, it’s quite important to choose a unit which is easy to use and maintain. Certain appliances are lightweight and very easy to operate. Moreover, if you are thinking about having your own pool cleaner, you have to consider the available storage space in your home or pool room and your ability to carry it.