Cloudy Water

There could be a number of causes…

  1. Dirty Filter

    Solution: Backwash filter or clean cartridge filters with filter cleaner. If problem persists a filter or sand change may be necessary. Please contact us for assistance.

  2. PH Level Too High

    Solution: Test pH and total alkalinity. Add pH down as directed. Adjust as required. (pH down could be muriatic acid or dry acid) 

  3. Free Chlorine Low

    Solution: Test for chlorine residual and adjust as needed. Pool may require a shock treatment, shock as directed by product labeling.

  4. Backwashing Sand Filter Too Frequently

    Solution: Backwash less frequently, only as recommended by filter manufacturers directions. Only backwash based on PSI and not on a timed schedule.

  5. Dissolved Metals In Water

    Solution: Use a metal out to control metals in water such as Metal Klear or Revive, prevent staining and scale formation.