Outdoor Endeavors has the ability to make repairs under water in your swimming pool. We can dive down to the deepest part of the pool with our our Surface Supplied Air for divers. We can inspect the pool surface and check for leaks, replace light fixtures, Main drain covers, and the Hydrostat.*

automatic hydrostatic relief plugs
Hydrostats are mounted in the bottom of the main drain pot, and have a spring loaded mechanism to allow water to come into the pool, automatically, when you drain the pool. Automatic hydrostats have an o-ring seal that prevents water from leaking out of the pool. This o-ring can slip out of position however, and cause a leak on it’s own. Automatic hydrostats are typically used only on commercial pools or on high-end residential pools.

Vinyl liner pools don’t have hydrostats installed, but for some pools with particular water problems, they can be installed, inside of a main drain pot, to allow water to come into the pool, instead of bulging the pool liner. It may be a better option to correct the water issues surrounding the pool – redirecting water flows away from the pool than to install automatic relief plugs into a main drain pot, set on top of a large bed of gravel. But every water table situation is different.

So, then ~ to Summarize:

What are Hydrostatic Plugs? They allow high-pressure underground water to enter the pool, rather than allowing so much force to build under the pool shell that it pops the pool out of the ground when empty.

If you nee some under water work done and don’t want to drain your pool, fill the pool, readjust the chemical balance, heat the water and lose time enjoying your swimming pool….Then call Outdoor Endeavors to help.

*Water temperature must be warm enough for diving.