How to Manually Vacuum Your Pool

1. Attach vac head to vac pole, vac hose to vac head (swivel end
        of vac hose must be attached to vac head).

2. Place end of vac hose in front of the return jet to prime your vac
hose (ridding it of all air that may cause suction issues).

3. Once all the air is out of the hose, place the vac head in the water.

4. Attach vac hose to skim to the suction port in the skimmer.

5. Close all other skimmers, leaving only the skimmer in use and the
        main drain open.

6. To regulate suction, close main drain half way. If suction is still not
         great enough, close off the drain completely. If suction is too
         great, open main drain up completely to alleviate pressure.

After you are done, reopen any closed plumbing lines and Backwash the filter.