Pool Safety Covers

Pool safety covers 


Outdoor Endeavors offers Winter Safety Covers from Anchor Industries and Loop-Loc.

Anchor’s Solid Classic and 5-Star Solid Safety Covers contain super strong fabrics that resist tears, rips, sun damage, and the effects of chlorine. These amazing pool covers even block ALL sunlight from a pool. This feature inhibits algae growth, ensures incredibly easy clean up in the spring, and helps keep a pool area attractive all year. Each of these pool covers is relatively easy to install and remove, plus both the Classic Pool Cover and the 5-Star Pool Cover come with a Limited 10-year warranty.

Anchor also offer even more choices. Anchor Mesh and Defender® Mesh Safety Covers are lighter in weight and a bit easier to maneuver than their solid counterparts. Defender® Mesh reduces chemical loss from the water, and stops 98% of the sunlight, which helps prevent the growth of algae in a clean, chemically-treated and balanced chlorinated pool water.

Outdoor Endeavors can measure your pool and quote you for a new safety cover, have it custom made and install it for you.