Swimming Pool Maintenance

We have a large number of customers whose pools we not only open and close, but we maintain them throughout the summer (and in some cases all year round). For our regular weekly or bi-monthly service customers Outdoor Endeavors will visit your pool on the scheduled day. 


  1. Chemical Check and Balance*
  2. Pool Vacuum and Brush**
  3. Deck Cleanup
  4. Chemical Delivery*
  5. Mechanical and preventative maintenance checks
  6. Backwash Sand Filter or Clean Cartridge filters as needed
  7. Empty skimmer and pump baskets
  8. Report maintenance issues to the customer and schedule repairs
  9. Other necessary daily chores associated with properly maintaining the swimming pool.

Sometime you might have a great looking pool on Friday, but after a busy pool weekend…the pool might not be so great on Monday. Let us know if you need a chemical check and balance before your next scheduled appointment. Outdoor Endeavors can stop by see what needs done.

We know that special events come up and you need your pool service done on a different day than normal to make sure your pool is the best it can be.  Let Outdoor Endeavors know ahead of time and we will get it done.

Factors That Require Customer Action Between Visits:

  • Weather:
    • Rain
    • Extreme Heat
    • Temperature Fluxuations
    • Heavy Storms, etc.
  • Heavy Bather Loads
  • Algae Growth (Algae is an airborne spore that can float into your pool )
  • Early Chemistry Imbalance Detection/Prevention
  • Finishing Chemistry Adjustments:  Some Adjustment Processes Make Take Several Days to Finalize.

If you notice any of these factors and are not sure what to do, contact us and we will explain what you should do until we can get there. If a pool gets cloudy it could take a few days to clear up. The sooner its caught, the quicker it will clear up.

Outdoor Endeavors also offers a Drain and acid wash service. This is necessary sometimes when a pool gets a little dirty looking or if a pool has been left unused for several years.



* Chemicals sold separately

** Additional charges may apply for Green to Clean service and storm cleanup.